Heroes to Animals

Animals often have a rough time of it and can use all the help they can get.

While some people turn a blind eye to an abused animal at a neighbour's house or a hurt animal on the street, others show compassion and determination and do their utmost to help.

If you would like to read some inspiring stories about animals who have been rescued, click on the links below:

A water company worker saves a baby stoat in Norfolk. (June 2009) Read more >

A fire-fighter rescues a dog from a fire in Bury. (June 2009) Read more >

Massachusetts fire-fighters save a kitten stuck in a pipe. (June 2009) Read more >

An Oregon man saves a dog hit by a car. (April 2009) Read more >

PETA Europe awards the Darnall Green Watch and Steven Feeney with "Hero to Animals" Awards after they rescue four puppies in Sheffield. (February 2009) Read more >

PETA Asia-Pacific awards fire-fighter David Tree with a "Hero to Animals" Award after he gives a koala a drink following the Australian bushfires. (February 2009) Read more >

Numerous animals are rescued from perilous situations. (20052008) Read more >

A man rescues stray dogs in Ireland. (October 2004) Read more >

Carlisle fire-fighters rescue a frightened parrot. (December 2002) Read more >