Animal Welfare Week at Your Parliament!


The PETA Foundation sponsored Animal Welfare Week – 8 to 12 September 2008 – at Your Parliament. Your Parliament was an interactive exhibition run by Dod's Parliamentary Communications in the magnificent Westminster Hall. This is the first time such an exhibition had been staged in Westminster Hall, and it provided a unique opportunity for young people to learn about the role and importance of Parliament and democracy in the UK and for them to think about different global issues, including animal welfare.

One of the highlights of the exhibition was a replica of a cross-section of the House of Commons chamber, where visitors took part in debates, just as MPs do.

It was the perfect opportunity for teachers to encourage pupils to think about animal issues, such as vegetarianism, animal testing, fur, the fox-hunting ban and the treatment of farmed animals. Pupils also voted at a mock polling station, answering the question "Do you think the government should act to stop animals from being kept on factory farms?"

Our free resources, which were available at the exhibition, can be ordered by contacting [email protected]

  • "GCSE English: Animal Rights" consists of eight worksheets examining a variety of modern-day animal issues. Pupils are encouraged to cultivate listening, speaking, debating and creative writing skills. Animal rights remains a topical issue which fascinates pupils, and the topic inspires insight, interest and passion in students.
  • "Citizenship: Animals in Today's Society (Key Stages 3 and 4)" contains eight worksheets designed to get your pupils to challenge entrenched ideas and express their own! Lesson plans include "Is Meat Murder?", "Vivisection: Kill or Cure?" and "Whaling: A Global Issue". If these topics don't get them thinking, nothing will!
  • "Just Choices" is a great resource for secondary-school teachers. It explores four social justice movements: the movement to end the slave trade and the ensuing struggle for blacks' rights, women's fight for political and social equality, environmental campaigners' struggle to protect the planet and the animal rights movement. The pack contains a video, a poster, a resource sheet and four lesson plans.