Teachers Say

M.J.G. Temby, Harrowgate Hill Junior School, Darlington: This is excellent! It will be used with our Year 3/4 children as part of the Science/PSE curriculum. More of the same please!

Jayne Woodcock, Danygraig Primary School, Swansea: Thank you for the pack - fantastic ideas that were nicely presented and very relevant. Interesting, engaging activities that are cross-curricular and up to date. They cater [to] a range of abilities as the tasks are fairly open-ended.

Sue Molloy, Inverteign Infant School, Devon: The video as a starting point for discussion [was] so visual and stimulating. [It o]pened opportunities for[their] own personal experiences to pour out.

Theresa Edgar, Holy Family Primary School, Winchburgh: This programme was excellent with a great deal of information and learning yet without lengthy viewing. The pace of the programme kept the pupils enthralled. I used it with every stage. I loved the"Golden Rule".

Nicola Webb, trainee teacher, Merseyside: Exciting to teach and the poster is great for classroom presentation! [The c]hildren related to "Koko" and established the similarities between themselves and gorillas. The discussion points on each page helped me enormously.

D. McBurnie, Kepier Chare Primary School, Tyne & Wear: [The] video [is] very informative. [It] made them appreciate animals more. I would definitely like to do more activities in class based on it. We liked the facts about animals, the Golden Rule and feelings of animals. [The c]hildren felt they could dip into the video again. It changed the minds of many about how to treat animals. Some will give more time to their pets.

P. McLaughlin, Hollybush Primary School, Derry: It made [the children] more aware of how intelligent and sensitive animals are and to treat animals better.

Joan Bennett, Lochmaben Primary School, Lochmaben, Scotland: It was an excellent resource, particularly being broken down into short sections. I could have developed it to cover a whole year's work. The pupils who have learning difficulties remember a lot about the topic.

Mrs N. Jones, Craigbank Primary School, Alloa: All your ideas and activities tie in very well with our Religious and Moral Education programme for Key Stage 1. In term 4, we develop our Moral Education through animal stories. Thank you for an excellent resource!

Mrs Scanton, Edward Francis Infant School, Rayleigh, Essex: It made the children appreciate that animals have feelings and need to be treated with care.

Lindy Marsden, Elliott School, Putney: Very clear, good presentation, accessible materials and balanced. I was really impressed by its clarity and the range of activities.