Our Work Overseas

Although much of our work focuses on issues specific to the UK, we do respond to requests from overseas when possible. We have mailed thousands of free "Share the World" packs to teachers and other educators around the world. Demand for the pack was so high in Australia that we produced two packs specifically for teachers in that country. We continue to send approximately 50 packs around the globe every week.

When the editor of Lang Primary, an English-language teaching magazine in Italy, contacted us and requested 8,000 copies of "Share the World" to send out with his next issue, we were happy to oblige.

Following a plea from animal protection workers in Egypt, we started work on a pack for educators in and around Luxor. Egypt's education system and animal protection issues are very different from the UK's, but we rose to the challenge. In early 2006, we launched "Share the World Egypt".

View "Share the World Egypt – Teacher's Notes".

View "Share the World Egypt – Posters".

Djalolidinova Muqqadas with her students in Uzbekistan
Kathy Abraham's class in South Africa working with our materials
Ibrahim Rustamov's class in Tajikistan
Alexandr Demidovich's Ukrainian class watches the Share the World video.