Let's Ask the Animals


Author/Producer: The Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour (ASAB)

Suggested Age Range: Ages 7–10

Description: A 22-minute video, with discussion breaks at 9, 13 and 17 minutes

Suitable for the Following Subjects: Science, Citizenship, PHSE, English

Suggested Uses: Show the video to your students, then lead a classroom discussion.

How to Order: You can watch the video online or you can obtain the DVD by contacting the Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour.

Description: Let's Ask the Animals explores the similarities between humans, pigs, chickens, cows and sheep in a fun and engaging manner. Using video footage of animals, it demonstrates that animals learn from experience, use their senses and need companionship and exercise – just as humans do. It also shows scientists from leading veterinary schools working with animals, revealing fascinating facts about animal behaviour. With suitable breaks for discussion and classroom activities, the video helps promote appreciation and respect for animals by emphasising our shared physical and behavioural characteristics.