Cruelty Cases

Whenever reports of cruelty-to-animals cases reach us, we respond by sending information to schools in the area about why we should teach humane lessons in the classroom.

In 2009, we responded to 79 cases of cruelty to animals across the UK and mailed information and free packs to 2,849 schools. We also sent out dozens of "prosecutor packs" to police and magistrates' courts following news of cruelty-to-animals cases. The packs are designed to educate officials about the nature of animal abuse and motivate them to take animal abuse cases seriously.

We are happy to continue offering information and materials to schools and law-enforcement agencies, but we also need to see cruelty-to-animals cases that have been reported in the media. If you spot such an incident in your local paper, please send the article right away — including the name of the publication in which it appeared as well as the date it was published — to PETA Foundation, PO Box 36678, London SE1 1YE. If you see a cruelty case online, please e-mail the link to [email protected].