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PETA's education department works to alleviate animal suffering by providing people – from legislators to consumers to schoolchildren – with the information that they need to make compassionate choices concerning animals.

Much of our work is in primary and secondary education, for which we produce culturally appropriate humane-education materials. These materials help teachers instil empathy in young people so that they will recognise their role in protecting animals from harm.

To date, we have written and produced the following materials:

Share the World, a resource pack for primary teachers, which we sent free of charge to every primary school in Britain

An Australian version of Share the World, which we sent to 8,000 teachers

A free resource pack for GCSE English teachers, which we sent to every secondary school in Britain

Two free Citizenship packs – one for primary teachers and one for secondary

Animals in Today's Society, a pack for secondary teachers in Australia

ShareTheWorld.org.uk and AllAboutAnimals.org.uk in order to help educators teach compassion

A pack for police, prosecutors and judges highlighting the link between cruelty to animals and violence toward human beings. (This has been sent to every courthouse, prosecution office and regional probation office and 1,600 police stations in the UK.)

In addition, we do the following:

Regularly attend education shows across the UK where we give out free teaching packs

Research and write factsheets on a number of issues, including the link between cruelty to animals and violence toward people

Respond to individual requests for help by teachers and pupils

Respond to reported cases of cruelty to animals and send free teaching packs to schools in those areas

Support schools that choose to participate in Meat-Free Monday by delivering assemblies and liaising with pupils, teachers, parents and caterers

Send out dozens of free humane-education packs to teachers around the world every week


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